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Depict + Predict Various Data Representations: tables, charts, bar graphs, histographs, etc 2-27-12 to 3-2-12

Monday, February 27, 2012

TN 5th Grade SPIS

5.5.1 Depict data using various representations, including decimal and/or fractional data.
5.5.2  Make predictions based on various data representations, including double bar and line graphs. 

 The first SPI (represent data) will basically show students a table of information they then have to choose which graph fits the data from the table including data with fractions and decimals.Sometimes they will have graph where they will have to match to a table.  The second SPI (make predictions) is exactly as it sounds. Students will be given various visual/pictorial/data representations including double bar and line graphs. They will have to use the data they know to figure out and predict what will/could possibly happen.

P.S. (I will be linking to common core standards soon!)

This week we have been working on depicting and predicting graphs. Some great websites we have been using are some I found off Study Zone.

 Here are some of the links we have used in our lessons.
Graphing Lesson
3rd grade Reading Bar Graphs + Practice
6th Grade Bar Graph
Elementary Bar Graphs
4th Grade Predictions from Graphs
5th Grade Making Predictions from Graphs
5th Grade Line Graph 1 & 2
5th Grade Collect & Record Data 1 & 2
6th Grade Circle Graph 1 & 2
6th Grade Pictograph
6th Grade Histogram
6th Grade Stem/Leaf

6th Grade Graph Data
Saxon Math Depict Graph Practice
BBC Data Picking
Beacon Learning Center Graphing Lesson
BBC Frequency Diagrams Dick & Dom
TV 411 Reading Graph Quiz
Wisc Online Interactive Lesson
NCES Create a Graph Kid Zone EXCELLENT!

we will be working with mean, median, mode, and range!This is our very last "new" SPI! After that, it's time to buckle up and get ready for the review ride!

 Signing off, Mrs. Burger :-)

Surface Area + Volume 2-21-12 to 2-24-12

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So I am thinking of revamping the blog. I have been out of practice when posting the SPIs and information. I'd like to get back into that habit, but also I have been making lots of resources for my math class these past three years, and my initial intention was to always share them for students and teachers alike. Due to many other obligations, that never came to fruition. So I will be figuring out a way to upload files to this blog. Look for things like flashcards to print, games to print, activities to print, and flipcharts to use (teachers) 

This week we will be working on Surface & Volume.

Surface Area (for rectangular prisms) has a sometimes complicated formula for elementary kids to remember. It looks a little like this.

Surface Area = [(LxW)+(LxH)+(WxH)]x2

It makes it out to be a lot more complicated than it needs to be. I had another teacher tell me at some point about the Y method. The Y method is a fantastic way to teach Surface Area. 

Here are my general steps I tell my students.

First: LABEL, Surface Area. (I do this so that hopefully they will remember how to do this method much further in the future for TCAP :))

Second: Then students are usually either given the Length, Width, and Height or even better--I let them choose three numbers. Then they choose their own unit (cm, in, ft, yd, etc.)

L: 4 ft
W: 5 ft
H:  2 ft

Third: They then draw a Y. On each corner of the Y goes their numbers they created or were assigned. 

Fourth:  They then multiple each of the two corners to create three new numbers. (Notice the underlined red.)

Fifth:  They take each of those three numbers and find its sum, and then double it.

The formula for Volume isn't so bad. Most people still remember this formula. 

Volume=Length x Width x Height 

I make sure my students write the formula first. Then students "plug" in the values for L, W, and H. 


Signing off, Mrs. Burger :-)

Irregular Area + Perimeter 2-6-12 to 2-15-12

Monday, February 6, 2012

Signing off, Mrs. Burger :-)

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