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Rounding decimals 8-30-10 to 9-3-10

Friday, August 27, 2010

SPI 0506.1.2 Estimate fraction and decimal sums or differences.
 This week we will be learning to estimate and round with decimals so students can estimate sums & differences. This is an important everyday skill that will be very helpful for a variety of lifetime experiences including shopping, restaurant menus, buying supplies, and many more reasons. This seems to be one of the MOST difficult concepts for students to grasp. So please help at home all that you can in explaining how to round and the usefulness to estimating!

      Some words your kids should know:
estimate (estimation):

To teach this concept, I like to use the rounding rap! I found this rap to be very successful in teaching the concept of rounding. I originally found this rap here.

Rounding Rap
Find the place value and circle that digit.
Move to the right and underline get it.
0-4 Cirle stays the same.
5-9 Add one is the game.
Now, flex your muscles like a hero.
Digits to the right change to zero.
All other digits remain the same.
Yo! You're a winner in the rounding game.


Round to the nearest hundredths
You would circle the hundredths place (8)
Then you would underline the number to the right of your circle (9)
If the number you underline is 0-4 your circle (8) stays the same and all numbers to the right change to zero.
If the number you underline is 5-9 your circle (8) add 1 is the game to become a (9)
becoming 1.790 or 1.79

They will then use this skill to estimate sums & differences. (Rounding to the nearest integer/whole number.)
For example:

5.05 + 6.42 = 11.47
5 + 6 =11

We will be working with white boards, flip charts, games,  and hands on activities on this lesson. Be sure to help them practice at home! Estimating and rounding is often a very hard concept for kids to grasp.

Please go to links for 1st Nine Weeks to find games and worksheets to help with this week's lesson/skills!
Click for Games & Help On This SPI Lesson!
Please let me know if you or your child is using this site. I would love the feedback.

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